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PostTag Address Finder works in two ways depending on how you want to use its address lookup & verification system.

Option 1 – Enter just a postcode e.g. EC2A 3BU. You will gain a postcode dropdown list giving you the most precise locations for each individual address


Option 2 – Enter a full address and postcode e.g. 62 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 3BU. From this we will validate and give you the best matched address.

PostTag Address Finder is different to any address and location search you’ve ever used – because this one is pinpoint accurate.

Unlike the others, PostTag verifies and validates every UK domestic address against multiple databases to get you straight there, precisely and without wasting your time searching for it. We don’t “approximate” or “get you reasonably close” – we actually “get you there” precisely. First time.

Lets face it, we hate wasting time looking for addresses while delivering. Being a last mile specialist PostTag Address Finder prides itself on every address location accuracy. Using us will save you delivery time, money and increase customer satisfaction.

You can find our terms of service here. (force push for preview)

We offer fast email support with a 48h response time for all accounts.

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