A system so simple it takes less than 3 days to have it up and running.

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then The really clever stuff all happens BEHIND THE SCENES


Simply having a better geo location system is not enough - it had to be an easy, no pain install with minimum disruption. So we simply plug the PostTag API into your system and set it up to start getting your drivers to the right places straight away.

Within 3 days you are at the helm of a system where a customer’s address is checked, identified, verified and "located" the very moment the customer places the order - done in real time, within milliseconds, and without any visible "added steps" or friction points with the customer.

For those that want to know a little more, this is how it works: At the point of placing the order, the retailer's system makes an API call to the PostTag server, which then checks the address details across multiple databases. Once our system is satisfied it has located the absolute correct location for delivery, our server then fires back the precise lat/long of the address - improving delivery accuracy like never before.

The driver will be guided to the correct address, with pin-point accuracy - even in the dark. All done behind the scenes.

Getting to the right place first time has never been easier.


PostTag in action

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From household goods to industrial equipment and everything in-between PostTag can make any delivery quicker and easier with less delays. Making customers happy while shaving an average of 90 seconds of every delivery - and freeing up drivers to make up to 30% more deliveries per day. Therefore, providing an exceptional delivery service.

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How many times have we all seen that well known pizza delivery driver going round and round the block trying to find the right front door? PostTag can really help, by getting the driver to the right front door first time – before the food gets cold. This is done through high accuracy in the final mile of the delivery.

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Whether it’s to tend to an emergency or to make a routine visit the ability to keep your appointments in the health care sector is vitally important. PostTag makes it easier for health workers to get to their patients faster.

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Often finding the place where essential repairs are needed can be as tricky as the repairs themselves. Using PostTag drivers can find the right location first time, every time and carry out their work even quicker.

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