Why same day delivery is becoming the norm


Why same day delivery is becoming the norm

Feb 5, 2018

“In retail, time wars are becoming the new price wars. A few years ago, three to four days was acceptable, but today same-day delivery is becoming the new norm,” said Natalie Berg, global research director of Planet Retail.

Spurred on by competition from Amazon, more and more of the big supermarkets are promising they can deliver our shopping the same day that we order it. Yet pledging to deliver your dinner and then failing to turn up would be worse than never promising it in the first place. So efficiencies that can better ensure punctuality are of paramount importance.

This is where PostTag’s accurate last mile carrier system really scores. Drivers waste a great deal of time searching for the right address – particulary in rural locations or in darkness as evening deliveries gain in popularity. PostTag eliminates this issue by getting drivers to the right place, first time– a critical factor in winning time wars. Therefore, allowing delivery companies to be more cost effective, by reducing the time taken in the final mile of deliveries.

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Stu Lewin