5 minutes with our new Commercial Director, Patrick McGuirk


5 minutes with our new Commercial Director, Patrick McGuirk

Feb 5, 2018

We recently welcomed Patrick McGuirk as our new commercial director here at PostTag. He was formerly director of commercial development at Yodel – and prior to that he spent a decade at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

We sat down with Patrick to find out a little more about his interest in last mile logistics (and bike riding)...

What do you believe is the biggest opportunity in the logistics and delivery space? 
To date the biggest innovation in our industry has been either faster execution – with next day delivery volumes for the first time overtaking 48 hour deliveries in 2017 – or tighter delivery windows, with the move from am/pm to 2 or 1 hour time-slots.

But the bigger opportunity is to listen to consumers and understand their true needs, which vary depending on what they are buying. Sometimes the need is now and there is a willingness to pay a premium. Other purchases are far less immediate.

The winners will be the retailers that adapt to the differing need states of consumers and the companies that help deliver to this new e-savvy shopper.

What is the number one challenge facing last mile logistics?
The move towards e-commerce is at a very early stage and our whole industry is still adolescent in development. Most retailers are battling to understand how to balance ecommerce with their estate of high street bricks and mortar stores.

Many parts of the supply chain are still held back by legacy IT - and there is a huge opportunity to support the companies who aspire to evolve and improve rather than wither and die.

Who stands to benefit most if we can solve the last mile? 
The consumer. I rarely attend a dinner party without receiving a lecture on a recent botched delivery.

Meeting a customer’s preferred delivery needs is still in its infancy. When you see how delighted a shopper is with the overall shopping experience at a Westfield or Intu, we then have to challenge ourselves to deliver the same or better experience for an online shopper. It can be done but it requires joined-up future scoping.

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When you're not busy working, what do you enjoy most? 
Riding my bike as a bona fide MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra). I usually squeeze a couple of trips a year to the Alps or Provence to find some proper mountains to ride up and down.

If you weren't a commercial director you'd be a.... ?
Teacher. It’s the family profession and I can’t imagine a much more rewarding or challenging job.  

If you were stuck on a remote island and PostTag could help get one thing delivered to you, what would it be?
A mobile device with limitless access to downloadable podcasts. I’m an absolute nut for podcasts, mixing business and politics with sport and comedy. The quality of podcasts these days smashes anything available on radio or TV.

At PostTag we know that it’s the last mile that can make or break the profitability of a sale. Getting the deliveries to the right address first time could help keep delivery costs down. With less fuel wasted and less time spent on each delivery retailers can now be armed with the tools to help the couriers drive prices down.

Learn more about Patrick’s recent appointment at PostTag:


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