Deliveroo driver: “I tried PostTag and here’s what happened”


Deliveroo driver: "I tried PostTag and here's what happened"

July 26, 2018


Embracing The World Cup fever that swept England this month, PostTag offered free trials to a number of delivery drivers to maximise efficiency in the face of a huge increase in food delivery orders.

The World Cup provided prime opportunity for food delivery companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. But there’s a bigger opportunity that many food brands and delivery companies continue to overlook: saving time.

Chris Watts, a Deliveroo driver based in Brighton, describes it as the challenge that he - and many other delivery drivers - face; “We’re either waiting on something or someone, during which time I make no money, or we’re wasting valuable minutes - and more often - not being able to find the house we’re delivering to.”

With delivery driver job postings up 200% on since 2015 and the dramatic growth in at-home food orders showing no signs of slowing, this is a challenge that’s only going to grow for both drivers and the brands they represent - as well as the customers who are demanding more convenience bang-for-their-buck.

“We’d make more deliveries and therefore more money,” said Watts, when asked how PostTag would impact the deliveries he makes. “The restaurant partners would sell more food and the delivery companies would grow more trust and usage.”

And he’s right. Based on our initial trials with delivery drivers in London and South England, PostTag enables a 10% improvement in delivery efficiency. We’ve also seen an uplift of 16-27% on delivery routes and a 99.99% accuracy rate when it comes to locating the right address first time. Given the sheer volume of growth in food delivery orders these numbers stack up fast.


Let me give you an idea of the volume I’m talking about. According to food service news app Caterlyst, orders on Deliveroo’s app rose on average by 25% in the hour before each of England’s Group Stage matches. The site adds that deliveries peaked 15 minutes before kick off, as fans prepared early to avoid answering the front door during the match and missing any of the action.

In addition:

  • England’s final group match against Belgium was Deliveroo’s busiest ever dinner service for a Thursday night

  • The opening game against Tunisia was the fifth-busiest Monday for Deliveroo (excluding Bank Holidays)

  • The England match against Panama was Deliveroo’s fifth-busiest Sunday lunchtime ever

“The Deliveroo app offers a recommended route which, can usually be helpful, but is often not. I’d say it’s accurate 80% of the time but occasionally it is stunningly wrong so you can’t trust it,” said Watts.

“PostTag works with far greater accuracy than the Deliveroo app as it puts a marker on exactly where I need to be, rather than where say, Google Maps thinks the destination is.”

If that’s not food enough for thought, I don’t know what is.

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Nicole Lyons