Industry round up: Betting big on the last mile


Industry round up: Betting big on the last mile

July 27, 2018


Feeling out of the loop? Never fear. We’ve pulled together a roundup of this month’s last mile and delivery tech news…  

When it comes to High Street vs eCommerce - where does the last mile fit?

Consumer demands are not only driving last mile technology innovation, they're also changing the look and feel of the high street.

The BBC’s Newsnight reported that the High Street is no longer just about purchasing goods and services, it’s fast becoming a place for community and experience too.

This begs the question - what are the opportunities for last mile technology when it comes to this new and reimagined High Street? And how can the delivery sector maximise customer experience to drive success even further?

The food delivery boom promises investors many happy returns

Investors who are savvy enough to look at the bigger picture in food delivery trends will easily see which way the wind is blowing. JustEat now outranks Sainsbury’s in the FTSE. Last year, McDonald’s announced a major partnership with Uber Eats, and Yum! Brands - the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell - recently bought a significant stake in mobile and online food ordering company GrubHub.

Add to that the fact that Domino’s shares have out performed some of the largest companies in the world (think Apple and Amazon), giving investors returns of 2000 per cent, and it’s not hard to see where things appear to be headed, according to this recent piece in The Motley Fool.

While much of this report focuses on America’s booming food trends, it’s just as relevant in the UK and beyond, where delivery demands are also growing at pace.


Smart access drives security into home delivery

UPS has partnered with Latch - a smart access device company - to make it easier for delivery drivers to access multi-unit homes.

The trial, which has so far been rolled out in New York City, allows residents to enable driver access using their smartphones for increased building security and peace-of-mind parcel delivery.

According to Pymnts, “With the system, a UPS driver taking packages to a Latch-enabled building receives a unique credential that works only for a specific building. Anytime a driver uses the credential, Latch records the entry digitally to create an audit trail.”

Bike- and scooter-sharing the new last mile unicorn craze

As customer demand for convenience continues to drive last mile growth, an increasing number of bike and scooter startups are reaping the benefits.

“The unicorn craze has hit micromobility, the industry tackling last-mile transportation,” reported CB Insights. “Investors are driving up bike- and scooter-sharing company valuations at unprecedented rates, as investors bet on the companies they believe will capture and dominate the market.”

The next 12 months will be a telling sign for investors and delivery startups alike as this boom cycle continues - not only in the UK and US - but across China, and much of the globe.

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Nicole Lyons