PostTag Postcard July 2019

PostTag Postcard July 2019

We’ve been yelling it from the rooftops but in case you haven’t heard us, PostTag gets drivers to the right front door first time, every time with more precision than anyone else. And no friction. Don’t believe us? Well our research stacks up.  

We looked at half a million addresses in the UK and found that – when using a standard sat nav – more than 50% were off the mark by the length of a football pitch. That forces drivers to manually look for the right house themselves, costing them 10 hours every single month in wasted time and energy. Do you want that in your business? Of course not.  

But we realise we can’t solve the last mile headache ourselves. We can’t work alone. So we’ve opened up the conversation – launching the Last Mile Consortium, a group of experts and specialists who are at the forefront of the logistics industry.   

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately. 

The Last Mile Consortium's breakfast event

On Wednesday 3 July, the Last Mile Consortium got together in Clerkenwell for a side serving of insight from industry leaders helping to shape the cities of the future – and some incredible sausage sandwiches! It was a great chance to network and debate some of the biggest issues impacting the industry and the challenges that lay ahead.

Plans are already underway for another Last Mile Consortium breakfast event. Watch this space for details!

Plans are already underway for another Last Mile Consortium breakfast event. Watch this space for details!

London Climate Action Week

Coinciding with London Climate Action Week (1-8 July), PostTag announced findings from its analysis of the environmental impact of address inaccuracy on the UK’s delivery sector. We found that our pinpoint location data could save van drivers in Great Britain from pumping 262 million kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every single year. That’s the equivalent of taking 56 thousand cars off the road. Post & Parcel ran the story. 

Joining forces with ArrowXL

ArrowXL has become the first two-person home delivery service in the world to team up with PostTag as it pioneers new technology to revolutionise its operations. It’s part of ArrowXL’s £3 million digital transformation programme. Post & Parcel covered the story. 

In defence of Deliveroo

Deliveroo’s bringing the kitchen closer to customers in a bid to speed up delivery, opening Deliveroo Editions – delivery only kitchens – up and down the country. But Councils aren’t happy. While new innovations are always going to challenge people, this next stage of delivery is the way of the future and councils must not hamper progress with red tape restrictions. We took the issue head on in City A.M.  


What you've been talking about:

'Morrisons at Amazon' same-day food delivery service extended to more UK cities

More customers across the UK will soon be able to put in an online food shop and have it delivered within the hour. Amazon and British supermarket, Morrisons, have announced a wider rollout of their ‘Morrisons at Amazon’ same-day grocery service to Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield and Portsmouth.   

E-Commerce logistics specialist, Thorsten Runge, has welcomed the news as a “breath of fresh air among articles about the decline of the high street and calls for government intervention to burden online retailers with higher taxes.” He said it shows “innovation and convenience for the customer work, and those come when less time is spent on lamenting and more on looking ahead.”   

Yodel spends £15 million to green its fleet

It’s great to see that Yodel, UK independent parcel carrier, will invest £15.2 million to cut its environmental impact. The money will be used to buy new vehicles and trailers as well as technology to improve efficiency and safety.   

PostTag CEO Paul Yewman says combining greener fleets with the delivery miles saved by PostTag’s accurate location data would take a huge step towards the Government’s net zero carbon emissions target by 2050. Thorsten argues “it’s a no brainer!”  

Quicker fast food means more businesses

A PostTag meeting with Stuart and Hypecrunch earlier this year turned out some interesting facts. A survey reveals 44% of those ordering food online would order more if they could get it sooner. There’s something to be said about fast food!  

And finally a bit of reading for the train home...

Looking into the crystal ball of future delivery partnerships has us predicting a rise in companies teaming up to do business. As demand surges for online deliveries, you’ll see more and more people working together to create something they wouldn’t be able to themselves. Read more here.  

Free delivery is now expected by every customer. This won’t change and swallowing costs without improving drive efficiency is unsustainable. Read our blog post on why last mile efficiency is the key.  

So it’s not hoverboards but autonomous deliveries are here. Domino’s has announced that it’s testing driverless vehicles in Houston but without pinpoint destination data is it a case of speaking too soon? Read more here.   

Keith Lewin