PostTag Postcard September 2019

PostTag Postcard September 2019

The holidays are over and school term is here. While the weather’s been touch and go, business has boomed this summer. Here’s what we’ve been up to since we last spoke.

Welcome Andy Bishton

After teaming up with ArrowXL, it’s been full speed ahead for PostTag. As more companies realise the value of improving driver efficiency, sales guru Andy Bishton’s been brought in to maintain momentum. Andy comes from Yodel where he served as Senior Account Director and has over 20 years of sales experience. Warehousing Logistics InternationalRetail VoicesRetail Logistics International and Sustainable Logistics International all covered Andy’s appointment.


Last Mile Consortium Events

After a successful breakfast event in London last month, plans are underway for another meet up. Keep an eye out for more details and look forward to some great networking, conversation and food!

What you've been talking about:

Deliveroo puts supermarket food delivery to the test

“Should restauranteurs start getting nervous”, asks PostTag CEO Paul Yewman. Deliveroo has revealed it’s partnering with Sainsbury’s to deliver its store-baked pizzas in London as part of a four-week trial. As a cheaper alternative to the standard takeaway, it’s likely someone’s going to be burnt. Stay tuned.

Lidl to open 12 stores in Scotland

Who said the high street was on its last legs? German discount grocer Lidl has announced that it’ll open 12 stores in Scotland, creating 500 jobs. It comes just a few months after Lidl revealed a £500 million expansion programme for London.

eCommerce logistics specialist, Thorsten Runge, says it’s great to see that someone is actually opening stores rather than closing them. “I know it won’t save the much-lamented high street, but as a last mile ‘target’ it might be interesting for solution providers like Doddle. It also shows that value rules.”

Home Delivery World 2020

Calling anyone operating in the last mile delivery, eCommerce, retail and reverse logistics arenas. Thorsten Runge will be hosting round tables at the Home Delivery World event in Amsterdam in March 2020. He says, “I know the organisers are still looking for both logistics and retail companies. If interested, contact the organisers directly.”

Get a slice of this

With more and more competition in the food delivery industry than ever before, Eastern Europe’s Dodo Pizza explains how it broke into the UK’s competitive pizza market – and succeeded. Paul Yewman thinks we could all learn a thing or two.

Dodo Pizza.jpeg

Taste the feeling – via robot

Keep your eyes on the ground and don’t trip. Last mile delivery is getting even crazier, according to Postal Hub Podcast founder Ian Kerr. Coca-Cola’s announced it will pilot robots to deliver drinks to customers at Alton Towers Resort.

The robots will use a GPS system, sight and sound and motion sensors to get products from the distribution centre to drink outlets across the park. But Ian wonders if there are better uses for this rising technology.

And lastly, pop the kettle on for a bit of reading

Call us optimistic, but we’ve turned a lost shopping container into a booming business. After PostTag founder Keith Lewin was told that his entire household plunged into the ocean, he faced the frustrations of delivery drivers up to 20 times a day. From that, PostTag emerged. The simple, seamless system to get drivers directly to the right door. Read more about PostTag’s conception.

Mergers are popping up all over the shop. JustEat and are the latest to join forces – overtaking Uber Eats to be head of the table at a combined £8.2 billion. But while acquisitions grow your army, it doesn’t make them any better at solving the last mile. It’s about being cleverer, not getting bigger, and it all comes down to efficiency. Here’s a blog post about it.

Keith Lewin