Talk of autonomous deliveries premature for UK retailers


Talk of Autonomous Deliveries Premature for UK Retailers

March 01, 2019

Autonomous Delivery

By Paul Yewman CEO of PostTag

The development of driverless vehicles and drones is being held up as the future of delivery services across the world. But while the autonomous technology may be just around the corner, few retailers have access to sufficiently accurate destination data, rendering any talk of autonomous delivery completely premature.

We have evaluated more than half a million addresses and found that, according to incumbent navigation software, 50% are out by the equivalent of two swimming pools (50m) or more. While new build homes – which receive the highest percentage of deliveries – are not recognised on standard navigation software for 18 months to two years after the new home owner moves in. This leaves 300,000 homes ‘off the grid’ for delivery drivers at any point in time.

Our analysis found that couriers are on average 80-90 meters off the mark for every delivery they make; that’s the length of a football pitch. This causes problems for both customers and drivers who are forced to spend an average of 90 seconds per delivery searching for addresses their navigation systems can’t find. This significantly reduces productivity and adds to the stress and strain drivers face on the job.

This destination data deficiency relies on human efforts to identify a customer’s correct address, making autonomous deliveries currently impossible, despite promises from retailers. 

If we are to realise the ambition for autonomous deliveries, pinpoint destination data accuracy is absolutely crucial – especially in the hours of darkness – and at PostTag we promise to get drivers to the right front door first time, every time and with more precision than any other delivery provider.

Our navigation system uses multiple data sources to check, verify and locate a customer’s exact address within milliseconds of an order being placed and without any additional steps from customers. The platform is the most accurate on the market with a 99.9% success rate of getting drivers to the correct address. Our system shines a whole new light on delivery technology and paves the way for a future of autonomous deliveries.