The Future of Delivery Partnerships


The Future of Delivery Partnerships

June 11 2019


By Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag

Partnerships and integration. Two words set to become the Morecambe and Wise of the delivery industry over the next 12 months. Very soon you won’t see one without the other.  

As demand surges for online deliveries, more and more companies are teaming up to do business. Working together they can create something they wouldn’t be able to build themselves.  

This partnership model is in our blood. By fusing PostTag technology into a business we can boost productivity by getting drivers to the right front door first time. We recently teamed up with ArrowXL to take its home delivery service to the next level. We can save crews 40 minutes every day – allowing them to make an extra two deliveries each shift. 

Looking to Asia the partnership ecosystem has really taken off. Companies from all over the world are turning their attention to the East to take advantage of one of the biggest digital economies, breakout of tech start-ups and, arguably, the most mature delivery market in the world.  

But are strong partnerships enough? We’ve been left wondering after Grab – an on-demand parcel and courier delivery service in Southeast Asia – made an undisclosed investment in Ninja Van, a logistics company in Singapore. As part of the deal, Ninja Van’s logistics services will also be integrated into the Grab app.  

This has raised the question as to whether, in the land of delivery, the next iteration of the market is for platforms to own delivery.   

Deliveroo is leading the ownership approach with its ‘dark kitchens’ – rented industrial units leased to restaurants or take away shops to use as delivery-only kitchens. There are now 16 Deliveroo Editions sites across England, housing about a hundred stainless-steel kitchens, giving the delivery app greater control over the market.  

Blending acquisitions and partnerships is clearly paying off for Marks & Spencer. In February it signed a deal to buy a 50% share of online supermarket Ocado – giving the high street retailer a home delivery service for the first time. Under the joint venture, Ocado will deliver M&S grocery products.   

Yet while acquisitions grow your army, it doesn’t make them any better at solving the final 150 delivery metres. PostTag has the answer. As we continue to partner with businesses around the world, we’re helping drivers to get to pinpoint locations without fuss.