360,000 mums set to miss out on their flowers this Mother’s Day

More than 800,000 bouquets will be sent on Mother’s Day but 360,000 are at risk of never arriving due to incorrect address data. New research from PostTag, a navigation technology specialist, shows that drivers won’t arrive at the right front door almost half the time because their navigation systems are flawed.


PostTag analysed more than half a million UK addresses and found that 45% are inaccurate by more than 50 metres – the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool – because most navigation systems operate using a customer’s postcode rather than pinpoint location. This forces drivers to spend on average a minute and a half hunting for the right house and will cause florists and couriers to waste 9,000 hours searching for the correct address this Sunday.


Inaccurate navigational technology magnifies the pressure on delivery systems that are already under strain from the dramatic increase in ecommerce and reduces the likelihood that mums will receive their flowers as intended.


Difficulties with navigational logistics are a problem for couriers all year round. Mother’s Day is a particular pinch point due to the spike in demand – with this Sunday’s floral deliveries equating to 15% of annual volume – and the perishable, delicate nature of flowers and chocolates which are the most commonly delivered goods on 31 March.


Paul Yewman, Chief Executive of PostTag, said:
“Every year florists and retailers experience a huge surge in business ahead of Mother’s Day when customer expectations for delivery are higher than any other time of year except Christmas. Companies that don’t normally offer a Sunday service are out delivering flowers and the one-off nature of the work means that many drivers don’t know the local area so they can’t fall back on local knowledge if their navigation system lets them down. 


“If businesses hope to meet growing demand for cheaper and quicker deliveries, pinpoint destination data accuracy is absolutely crucial. PostTag is the only delivery provider in the UK with a 99.9% accuracy of guiding drivers to the right front door and we are 100% focused on reducing wasted delivery miles and increasing delivery efficiency. We know that on Mother’s Day ensuring flowers are delivered on time makes for happy families.”

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