PostTag to save enough carbon emissions to power 31 thousand homes as the government looks to set ambitious net-zero target

PostTag, the destination data engine, says rolling out its pinpoint address accuracy would save van drivers in Great Britain from pumping 262 million kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – enough to power 31,406 homes for an entire year.

The UK has become the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming – committing to a net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. However, with the UK already on track to fall short of meeting its next carbon dioxide budget, drastic action must be taken now if the government hopes to make a change.

Transport is the worst carbon dioxide offender accounting for more than a third of all emissions in 2018**. While car miles stayed broadly the same in the year ending September 2018, van traffic in Great Britain jumped more than 4% to 52.2 billion miles** thanks largely to the surge in online shopping.

A PostTag analysis of UK deliveries shows drivers are on the road for an extra two and a half hours each week because nearly half of addresses are off the mark on a standard sat nav by almost the length of a football pitch. This has contributed to the 13 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide produced by van traffic each year.

PostTag is confident its system can cut van miles by 2% by getting drivers to the right front door first time – stopping 262 million kilograms of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every single year.

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, said:

“While talk heats up of autonomous deliveries to reduce carbon emissions, without precise address data drones and driverless cars will be useless.

“It is crystal clear that not enough is being done to drive emissions down and transport is the biggest perpetrator. If the government wants to meet this new target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, dramatic changes must be made now.

“PostTag technology can dramatically cut delivery miles by guiding drivers to the correct address – saving them from driving around in circles when their GPS lets them down. Our 2% savings on total van miles will slash carbon emissions by 262 million kilograms each year – that’s the same as powering 31,000 homes.”

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