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PostTag replaces location-approximation with location-precision – no more wasting time searching for addresses

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How PostTag’s location-precision technology can help your private hire company?

PostTag’s location precision technology can improve the accuracy and efficiency of pick-up and drop-off locations for private hire companies, reducing waiting times for passengers and improving overall customer satisfaction. It can also enhance safety for both passengers and drivers by ensuring that pick-up and drop-off locations are accurate.

Three ways using location precision technology can benefit you and your customers
Five ways using PostTag’s precision technology can benefit you and your drivers

PostTag in Action:

From fleets large and small

How many times have your drivers been taken to the wrong address resulting in your operations fighting fires with your customers and your drivers?

Nearly 60% of UK households are, on average, a football pitch away from where navigation systems take a driver. Customers get frustrated, and drivers’ time is wasted.

We solved this problem for Addison Lee in London and multiple local cab firms nationwide. The PostTag solution works no matter the size or geography of your fleet.

Location approximation should be a thing of the past. PostTag’s location precision saves time and money, meaning your drivers spend less time searching and more time delivering passengers (and parcels).

PostTag’s Destination Data Engine processes over 2 billion address validations a year, ensuring your drivers find the right address the first time, every time! Save time and increase efficiency with PostTag.

Find out how PostTag’s location precision technology can take your business to the next level

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Large fleet

The company

Founded in 2013 by Chairman, Keith Lewin, after he realised current UK addressing systems often sent drivers 1km away from his house, PostTag has steadily grown to be a disruptor and game changer in address validation and location technology.

We are now trusted by some of the most frequent visitors to the UK’s front doors.

We provide eCommerce traders a postcode address drop down service that’s a cut above the rest and final-mile operators with pinpoint location precision which allows drivers to be directed to addresses accurately without wasting valuable delivery time searching

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